Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) ** Kingdom of Caid ** Great Western War XVIII - Oct 7-12, 2015

Armored Combat (Heavy Weapons)

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Combat Staff

Battlemaster: THLord Llewellyn Flinthaven, Deputies: THLord Fergal MacCome, THLady Adrian de Calais and THLord Gunther of Orkney,

Armored Combat: Armored Combat: Sir Valrik MacIan,

Armored Combat Schedule

There will be FOUR FULL DAYS of armored combat this year at Great Western War. Fighting will begin promptly at 11 AM each day.

Upon checking in at Gate any Armored Combat fighter can present their valid fighter card to receive a fighter authorization sticker for the weekend. Fighters still need to get their armor and weapons checked prior to fighting. If they have received a sticker at Gate, they will NOT need to bring their fighter cards down to armor/weapon inspection point prior to scenarios beginning. They must attach the sticker somewhere on their helmet so that the marshals can verify that a valid fighter card was checked earlier.

Armored Combat (plus Combat Archery): Battlefield
Time Thu Oct 8 Fri Oct 9 Sat Oct 10 Sun Oct 11
9-10 AM   (9:30-11 AM) Weapon and Armor Inspections    
10-11 AM (10-10:30 AM) New Fighter Authorizations
(10-11 AM) Weapon and Armor Inspections
(10:30 AM) Armies Muster
(10-10:30 AM) New Fighter Authorizations
(10:30 AM) Armies Muster
(10:30 AM) Equestrian Joust
(10-10:30 AM) Fighter Authorizations
(10-11 AM) Weapon and Armor Inspections
(10:30 AM) Armies Muster
(10-11 AM) Weapon and Armor Inspections
(10:30 AM) Armies Muster
11 AM-12 PM Scenarios Begin Armed Combat Scenarios Begin Armed Combat Scenarios Begin Armed Combat Scenarios Begin
12-1 PM continued continued continued continued
1-2 PM continued continued continued continued
2-3 PM Challenge Fights continued continued Clean-up Battlefield
3-4 PM continued Challenge Fights Challenge Fights continued
4-5 PM continued continued continued continued
5-6 PM     <5:30 PM)Grand Court starts


Schedule Overview

The Armored Combat battles will be held Thursday through Sunday. Fighter Authorizations start at 10AM. Armor and Weapon Inspections will start at 10AM. All battles start at 11AM and should run through 3PM. On Sunday, the Ladies of the Rose Valkyrie Tourney runs concurrent with the fighting. After 3pm the field will be opened up for challenges not to interfere with the Rapier battles.

Muster Time will be 10:30AM for each Day of Fighting

Conventions of Combat

Weapon standards for the war follow Caidan regulations. Armor standards for the war will follow the regulations of each fighter’s home kingdom. Combat Archery regulations will follow Society rules.

Fighter Authorizations will take place from 10AM to 10:30Am. If you miss this window you will need to wait until the next day for the authorization. No Exceptions.

Armor/Weapon Inspections begin at 10AM each day. Missile and thrown weaons will be inspected each day from 10 to 10:30AM and between Combat Archery battles only. We will be alternating battles with and without archery both Friday and Saturday

No Inspections will be done during Combat Archery scenarios. Late arrivals will have to wait until the next inspection. Archers will retrieve arrows and bolts between scenarios and will have them inspected for use for the next archery battle.

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One may only strike an opponent when “engaged” with them.

Engagement is defined in the following ways:

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Killing from Behind (KFB)

There is no striking an opponent in the back or blind side, when not engaged

To defeat an opponent blind to one’s attack, one must either establish engagement before attempting to strike, or perform a “kill from behind”.

Killing from behind is performed by establishing control of one’s opponent (not by grappling in any way), presenting one’s weapon in the field of view of the opponent, and loudly declaring “You are dead from behind”.

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Dead on the Ground

Combatants in a prone position or “Tripodding” may not strike an opponent, or be struck.

A combatant may declare an opponent dead, if said opponent is prone or “Tripodding” by presenting one’s weapon and clearly declaring “Dead on the ground”

NOTE: Killing from behind and dead on the ground procedures must be declared for each individual opponent. This may not be done as a single action towards a group of opponents.

NOTE: Combatants may NOT “call their shots”. It is the duty of the recipient of any shot (missile or otherwise), to determine if the shot was good. A missile combatant may indicate they were the one shooting, and provide information on placement and orientation of the shot.

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Between the Open Field Battles on both Friday and Saturday will be a Kingdom Champion Battle.

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