Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) ** Kingdom of Caid ** Great Western War XVIII - Oct 7-12, 2015

Special Events

Special Events Stewards: Baroness Ceridwen Killian,

Special Events at GWW

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Special Events: Locations vary by Event
Time Fri Oct 9 Sat Oct 10 Sun Oct 11
7-8 AM   Check-in for Brewing contest – A&S Area (7-9:30)  
8-9 AM   Check-in cont'd (9:30)  
9-10 AM Newcomer’s Site Tour
Chaperoned field trip (9-Noon)
Fiber Friday Entry Check-in (9:30–10)
Newcomer’s Site Tour
Ritualistic bathing of vigilant – La Familia encampment
Check-in for A&S Contests – A&S (9:15-9:45)
Brew Check-in cont’d (9:30)
Children’s Tea – Battlefield near the Valkyrie Rose Tourney (9:30)
10-11 AM Fiber Friday Display
Field trip cont'd
A&S Contests People’s Choice View & Vote – A&S Area (10-2) Ladies of the Rose Valkyrie Tourney – Battlefield
Children’s Tea and Court con't
11 AM-Noon Field trip cont'd A&S Contests continued MOD Elevation of Master Don Lot Ramirez – battlefield near the Valkyrie Rose Tourney (after Tourney)
12-1 PM St. George Pas d’ Armes – Company of St. George / La Familia encampment (12-3) Meet the Directors – A&S Area  
1-2 PM Pas cont'd
Newcomers' Point cont'd
Arts and Sciences Contests cont'd  
2-3 PM Newcomers' Site Tour – start at HQ
Seneschal Salon – Angels Baronial encampment (2-4)
Pas cont'd
Newcomers' Site Tour – start at HQ  
3-4 PM Brewers Meet & Greet – Barony of Dun Or Encampment (3:30-5:30)   Wintermist Presentation Court – Wintermist Encampment
4-5 PM Meet & Greet cont'd   (4:30-5:30) Gleaners' Stomp – near playground
5-6 PM Meet & Greet cont'd Grand Court – A&S (5:30)
inceptionof the Barony of Wintermist
Knighting ceremonies: Alejandro de Nuevo Castillo, Adam Makandro & Ketill Olafsson
6-7 PM Scribal Progress Party – A&S Area / Scribal Tent
Vigil for Michael Mallory – Calafia Baronial encampment
Vigil for Alejandro de Nuevo Castillo – EPA/Lorelei encampment (6:30)
Grand Court cont'd  
7-8 PM Vigil for Adam Makandro – La Familia encampment
Midnight Madness Merchant’s Row (7-10)
Grand Court cont'd  
8-9 PM Vigil for Ketill Olafsson – Dragonstad encampment
Moonllight Madness cont'd
9-10 PM Moonlight Madness cont'd Vigil for Adelheit Schwarzenkatze - EPA/Lorelai encampment
ard of Caid Competition - Caid Royal
15th Annual Taste of Great Western War - Dining Pavilion, Merchants (9-Midnight)
10-11 PM   Taste of GWW cont'd  
11 PM-Midnight   Taste of GWW cont'd  

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Wednesday, Oct 7, 2015

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Saturday, Oct 10, 2015

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